Weight Management Therapy Program

MWMP is designed to use Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in addition to Sermorelin and Lipo-Trim SL, for best results. All medications work slightly differently to help the body raise growth hormone levels which supports several health benefits, including weight loss.

Kit Components:

Naltrexone …………………… Oral Capsules Monthly Dosage: Month 1 = 1.5mg, Month 2 = 3mg, Month 3+ = 4.5mg

Sermorelin …………………… Injectable or Sublingual

Lipo-Trim …………………….. Oral Sublingual Spray

Naltrexone (Oral, nightly)

Naltrexone in low doses, is referred to as Low Dose Naltrexone, or LDN. LDN recommended dosage for weight loss is 1.5mg to 4.5mg nightly. Possible benefits of LDN include:

  • May help decrease insulin levels which can improve growth hormone levels in patients. Growth hormone helps the body burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • May help normalize appetite and reduce hunger.
  • In some studies has shown to reduce general inflammation throughout the body. Reducing inflammation may make weight loss easier in certain patients.
  • Naltrexone may help to “normalize” this mismatch between calories burned and appetite, especially in patients with hormonal imbalances.

Sermorelin (Sub Q injection, nightly)

Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate (GHRH) Therapy: (300mcg nightly):
  • Sermorelin may stimulate the pituitary to produce more of your own body’s growth hormone. Growth hormone production drops naturally as we age.
  • Increased growth hormone can increase development of lean body mass through the development of new muscle cells.
  • Higher growth hormone levels may reduce body fat through lipolysis

Weight Management Therapy Program

Lipo-Trim SL (Sublingual Oral Spray, 1x daily)

A concentrated sublingual oral spray which includes a combination of amino acids and B vitamins. Recommended dosage is 6 sprays or 1ml daily.

  • Can help the body convert fat into energy
  • May help reduce cravings
  • Can help support immune system