Maria K.

Thanks MedSlim,THANKS Alain!I am forever grateful to them!They Changed my LIFE!
I recommend you try the MedSlim program with Alain he is extremely helpful and guided me the through my weight lost. I decided I need to loose weight on my birthday because I was not satisfied with my body and felt uncomfortable. I knew that I had to loose weight not just to improve my self confidence but to also live a healthy lifestyle. Before seeking Alain’s help I had tried other weight loss programs that didn’t help me get the results I wanted or simply weren’t working.I initially tried exercising, which helped a bit, I’ve tried a couple of diets but i didn’t get any serious results…I did not get anywhere with it!Then I came across the 15-30 lbs in 23 days ,”GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK”Advertisement. I had nothing to loose!I walked into their office,everyone was friendly,caring and extremely professional.Even though I’d been very sarcastic,skeptical of them .
Alain talked to me about;my Metabolism optimization,current metabolic rase and how can I improve Examination ,identification of a hormone deficiency etc.I highly recommend you seek Alain help because he knows what he’s doing has many years of experience and most of all helps you get to your weight goal. It’s a very simple and easy process. IF YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT CHANGING THE WAY YOU LOOK AND FEEL,THEN THIS IS IT!!!!I LOST 30 POUNDS IN 23 DAYS!!I am comfortable to get dressed up and go out.I love the way clothes looks on me,and I am healthy! I CAN SAY WITH CONFIDENCE THAT ,NO MATTER WHAT YOUR WEIGHT GOAL IS. YOU WILL GET IT!!JUST DO IT!

Tondra W.

I am very pleased to say that abs club LA is everything that it says. The staff is very friendly,  and thorough with their clients.  it’s been only 15 days and I’ve already lost 19 lbs. wooo hooo! Thanks Abs Club LA


I feel so lucky to be a part of the Abs Club LA & MedSlim family!  I had been trying to lose weight on my own for the past couple of years but whatever I’ve tried, it didn’t work! I was looking into hiring a personal trainer for a while. I knew I needed guidance, support, and a trainer who could teach me the right workout routines.

I looked into hiring a pt at 24hour fitness but it seemed as if their trainers were more concerned about getting extra commission then helping me meet my goals! Abs Club La & MedSlim were able to work with my budget and goals!  I have been working with Tony and Johnny, my personal trainers, at Abs Club LA since the end of November and I have lost a total of 10lbs! I couldn’t have done that on my own. They were able to customize a meal plan and workout plan that fit my lifestyle and schedule. They  also measure my progress weekly using this cool machine that tracks my fat %, muscle mass % and water weight.

Abs Club La isn’t just a training facility they provide other services like Weight Loss where can lose up to 30lbs in 23 days and they guarantee it.

I recommend checking this place out; you’ll be surprised at the customer service that is provided here. Thank you Abs Club LA and Thank you MedSlim Weight Loss!!

Alessandro J.

I have been working with Tony, Alain and Johnny since 8 weeks.
I dropped 27 pounds on their program in the first 6, I built muscle and the shape of my body changed.
I warned them that I am 55 years old, always have done sport and always ate and drank too much so I have battled weight all my life…
I also warned them I know diets and every time I lose weight and start feeling good again, that’s were I start to  lose the drive to keep up with the effort of training+diet.
Tony, Alain and Johnny are special, and here it’s where it shows: they care! I have to text Alain every day with weight and meals, Tony and Johnny act as if you’re family to them: motivate, prod, kick ass, nurture!
They’re always able to accommodate any special schedule time shift needs you might have with your program. I like sports, not the gym, yet they are even making me like it, since results are so evident.
I highly recommend them, my life is changing thanks to them! If you need to lose weight quickly their weight loss program is a must, it worked on me, never felt better! Goal is another 23 pounds by march 2016!!

Bernadette L.

I have just started my Weight Loss program with MedSlim Weight Loss for about two weeks now. I really enjoy my weekly meetings with Alain and Tony. They are both very personable and are always there to push, motivate and encourage you to become better.

Every week know how much fat I am losing, and I just did my assessment this morning and so far lost 16lbs of fat. Easing in into my routine to a more active lifestyle as well as following their menu has definitely helped me. Can’t wait to grow stronger and leaner!

Tony and Alain are very experienced and informative and are definitely professionals in their line of business.

Anne S.

About a month ago I went on the MedSlim Weight Loss program under Alain’s supervision and was very skeptical as I have been on loads of diets and plans over the years (I am 58) and have found that last 10-12 lbs. really tough to lose. I lost 10 lbs. in the first week and was thrilled. I have since taken back up many of my bad old habits (mainly alcohol) but I have not gained more than 1 lb. back despite my bad behavior and it has been several weeks. This program really works. My clothes are loose and I feel stronger and thinner than in many years. It worked for me.

Kyra C.

I used to drive by MedSlim Weight Loss everyday going to and from work.  I always saw the weight loss signs and wondered what they did in that place.  So one day my curiosity got the best of me, and into MedSlim I went.  Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful.

Alain assisted me with my weigh loss program. In just under a month, I was able to lose 29.5 pounds.  I meet with Alain once a week.  One thing that I love about Alain is that he was flexible with me, since I had crazy schedule. I love that its a small facility, it makes it easy to get the personal attention I need to help keep me motivated in my journey to weight loss.  Alain and the staff genuinely care about me and they are just as eager as I am too see me lose weight!

MedSlim is the place to be!  …Loved it!

Mimi S.

I was in the post office when I saw a brochure about MedSlim Weight Loss and this program. I contacted Alan right away and the first week I lost 9 lbs. I was in shock how amazing and truly it works. I did the 23 days and lost over 27 lbs something I’ve never seen ever. Alan is a very nice person kept pushing and supporting  me to the end.

I highly recommend this amazing weight loss program to anyone unhappy with their body. I am very satisfied:)