HCG 23 Day Weight Loss (*6months no interest)


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This program is not just about losing weight on the scale it’s about losing body fat. When you lose body fat the weight stays off it doesn’t come back.

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FREE Phone Consultation, No visit needed due to Social Distancing.
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20 reviews for HCG 23 Day Weight Loss (*6months no interest)

  1. Jayne B.

    If someone were to ask me if this Medslim weight loss program works? My answer would be definitely yes!!!! I would highly recommend this program .Alan Bo Has been my weight loss specialist! Extremely educated and very professional at what he does. I have lost 35 pounds and Alan made sure he always answered all my questions to Make sure I would achieve my goal weight. I have gained a lot of self-esteem and more energy!! I feel happier also healthier ! Thanks again Alan

  2. Mimi S.

    Last year I went through so much stress and hormones issues. 2 weeks before my 40th birthday vacation in Hawaii I met Alain. He introduced me to MEDSLIM. His program is unbelievable. I was running out of time. But I still lost 20 lbs in just two weeks. He helped me how to eat better, live better and love my body:) give it a try. It’s like a miracle to see the weight dropping over night.

  3. James G.

    To say that I’m grateful to Alain, would be an understatement. When I came to medslim I was a complete wreck my weight was going out of control and I was unable to do anything about it. I can honestly say that I was at the point of considering surgery. I had never been so big in my life. After the first round of the med slim weight loss plan, I lost a total of 32 pounds. This is in less than a month. I decided to do another round because I still needed to lose at least another 20 pounds I ended up losing 23 more for a total of 55 pounds.
    Once I understood how the food worked in conjunction to the program then it was a breeze and the weight was coming off daily.
    My friends know how much I like food and I’m always out at restaurants eating so I thought this would be difficult but not so. I am so happy with the results I’m jumping for joy. This is the best thing I could ever have done and would definitely recommend it especially if you’ve given up on everything else.

  4. Deborah W.

    Alain has saved my life! My weight was spiraling out of control. I was so unhappy with myself and had lost my self esteem. I’ve been on the program for 14 days and have had incredible results. I’m losing around 1-2lbs everyday! The core reason this works is because the HCG attacks the fat and not the muscle. I’ve dropped 2 clothing sizes already and I haven’t finished. This works 100% if you STAY on the programme a 1000%! There’s NO WAY it doesn’t work. If you don’t lose weight it’s because you are cheating and shouldn’t expect results.

  5. Traci T.

    I am beyond pleased with my Medslim experience. I had to have foot surgery. Instead of sitting around resting my feet while recuperating, I decided to be proactive and try Medslim while I was unable to exercise. Unlike some of the people who have written negative reviews, I believe that if I spend my money for an expected weight loss result, I am going to follow that program to the letter in order to protect my investment. I lost 22 pounds in a very short time! I never once felt hungry, jittery or deprived of delicious, healthy, tasty food! Alain was soo supportive. If ever I had a question or problem, he was there encouraging me and praising me for my efforts. I enjoyed having someone to be accountable to. I would recommend this program to EVERYONE. I have easily maintained my weight for a month now and I plan to do another session soon. Lots of people have remarked about the significant changes that they have seen in me.
    Thanks again Alain and Medslim. I am truly a believer!!!!
    Traci T

  6. Joe Z.

    I honestly didn’t think that their advertisement saying lose 15 to 30 pounds in 23 days could really be achieved but I’ve tried so many different programs without much success that I was almost at a point of depression. I would have been extremely happy with a 15 pound loss let alone the 24 pounds that I actually lost. I am so thankful to have been given a second chance and feel so much better about myself. Thank you guys you’re the best.

  7. Cyndi H.

    I had wonderful success with this program. It is straight forward and simple to follow. You’re eating real food (healthy mind you), and I couldn’t believe how fast the weight started dropping in the first few days. It is important to see results as motivation for me and I’m sure most of us, and this did not dissappoint!!! Alain was awesome. Super professional and kind. Atmosphere is peaceful and he’s got everything you need to feel comfortable. I also did the infrared body wraps and they are amazing.

    I recommend this to anyone who’s looking to get some serious results from their weight loss journey.

  8. Gail S.

    I was a little apprehensive at first, but was quickly reassured that I could not only do, but stick with the program. I lost a total of 16lbs in 23 days!!!! My daily text message with a thumb up or words of encouragement and possible solutions to keep the scale moving in the negative zone. The entire process was radically strict, yet attainable. If you’re looking for a jump start on your weight loss journey this is the fuel to do just that. Great customer service and highly accessible 7 days a week. Start looking for the best you at MedSlim. You can thank me later. Now stop reading and call, make your appt today.

  9. Trina M.

    Alain’s advice is superb. The HCG works like nothing else. I’m healthier, stronger and 24 lbs lighter, so dancing again :). It isn’t hard because he keeps you focused, and supported all along, through and beyond. I wholeheartedly recommend you do this. It sets the tone, helps you build or reminds you of your better eating habits and provides nutritional guidance you can only get from an expert who cares.

  10. Jean S.

    Thank you Medslim! I started my weight loss journey with Alain in October of 2018. I have already lost over 30 pounds. There were times I was ready to give up. He was available every day to support me and gave great advice on how to stay on track. I highly recommend Medslim.

  11. Jackie B.

    I have tried to lose weight for the past 7 years after my back surgery. Medslim is the only program that worked for me & my schedule.
    I would recommend this program as long as you follow it exactly as it is so you can see the weight reduction. I feel great now 20 lbs lighter and healthy.

  12. Gisela M.

    Words can’t express how happy and pleased I am for Alan and his Medslim program. He helped me get back on track with my weight. Moreover, Alan has been a tremendous support. He is always there for me and it didn’t matter the time of day, he would respond and he will be there for you.
    Right now I’m on my 3 weeks maintain meal plan and he still text me to check how I am doing.
    Thank You Alan

  13. Millie C.

    After yo-yo dieting for a while, I decided to give “Medslim” a try. On June 25, 2018 I came in weighing 149.6 pounds with 32.3% body fat. I’m 5’4 and it was the most I’ve ever weighed (well, I did weigh 165 when pregnant, but that doesn’t count LOL) . . . back to my review. I met Alan at Medslim who was absolutely wonderful. Alan is very personable and more importantly, very knowledgeable and encouraging. 23 days after starting the challenge, I weighed in at 134 pounds with 28.8% body fat. Today, almost 8 months later I weigh 114 pounds with 22.5% body fat. I could not have accomplished my weight loss and total body transformation without the initial head start I got with the Medslim challenge. I highly recommend Medslim! For everyone thinking about it, it is a CHALLENGE but it is DOABLE! You have to be committed and determined to make a lifestyle change. Equally as important is to surround yourself with a great support system (family, friends, etc.). The Medslim 23 day challenge was exactly what I needed to set me on the path to good health and total fitness. Best of luck to all! Thank you, Alan!

  14. Janet H.

    MedSlim Weight Loss is the best weight loss center I have ever tried, and believe me I have tried several. Alain, my coach was excellent. On the 23 day diet I lost 27 lb. I also followed the 3-day stabilization plan and lost an additional 3 lb., my total loss 30 POUNDS! All you need to do is stick with the plan. It was easy to follow. I did hit a plateau during the 23 days, however there is a solution for that as well. If you need to get weight off fast give MedSlim Weight Loss a try; all you will lose is the weight.

  15. Martha D.

    An excellent experience. Alain is very knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and weight loss. As you check in daily with your weight, Alain will guide you over any stalls or stops in your weight loss progress and congratulate you on your successes too. His daily personalized coaching is spot on and invaluable to fast weight loss. His sense of humor will make you giggle. This program will amaze you in how quickly it works and how simple it is to follow. Trust the process and very quickly you will say hello to the new thin you! Thank you, Alain!

  16. Doreene H.

    Wow, this program really works! I came into this program not sure if it would work for me, but I was really praying that it did. My prayer was answered. I lost 21 pounds. I have to say that the regiment is strick and if you cheat even in the slightest way it shows up on the scale. There is also a weaning off period that has to be followed to keep the weight off. You can’t go back to eating unhealthy. You are at the beginning of a new healthier way of living.
    Alan is supportive. He answered all of my questions and concerns. He actually cares and he knows his stuff!
    If you need to lose the pounds this is definitely a good way to do it.
    The program works if you work it!

  17. Liz F.

    This MedSlim weight loss center is awesome and there program truly works but you must follow the program exactly as prescribed. The staff are very helpful and Alain is an awesome coach. I recommend this to program anyone who seriously wants to jumpstart their weight loss by changing their lifestyle.

  18. Anita B.

    Alain is amazing he took away all of my sugar cravings and help get me on the right track.

  19. Hipolito V.

    Alan is extremely supportive through the whole weight loss process. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was! Not only did I look better, but it also helped my overall health. It helped me learn how to eat healthier and I have kept the weight off. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to lose weight to improve their overall health!

  20. David Burrows

    Communication, Professionalism, Quality
    Medslim is a wonderful facility with great attention to detail!
    If you want to get yourself in really good shape, this is the place to for you. Also, Alain makes you feel so special while you are here and everything is very immaculate and clean.

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